RM145.00 RM250.00
AU8 / SKY SOUND Mini Amplifier SK-88 / SUPER8
Price RM145.00 RM250.00
Product SKU 10000087
Size (L x W x H) 29 cm x 31 cm x 14 cm

Comes with 2 card reader x 2 channels = 4 channels

Individual sound control for all channel

AC/ DC Auto Switch

Handy & convenient to be converted to Location Tester
2 players aka USB & card readers which can 2 sound track simultaneously
4-channel in total : 2-channel per player
Recommended usage : 20 normal piezo tweeters per channel
DC & AC operated
Recommended for the usage on hexagonal tweeters & small-sized swiftlet houses

️If the voltage is unstable in the suburbs or you want to find a cheap amplifier to use in swiftlet house with few speakers, [SK88] / [SUPER8] could be the right choice to be used directly at very unstable voltages (8-15V and 110-250V).

This amplifier has 2 card readers, which can play 2 songs at the same time. 1 amplifier is equal to two ordinary amplifiers, WOW!
2 card readers have 2 outputs each, a total of 4 outputs. The sound level control has individual knob for every channel.

It is also very light and handy; you can directly use the DC plug on the car cigarette socket to make it as the location tester to call the bird for the location population testing.
The biggest disadvantage of this amplifier is that its power output is too small to be used in a swiftlet house with too many tweeters (Recommended usage 20 tweeters per channel x 4=80 tweeters), but it can be used for hexagonal speakers, entrance holes, or small-sized swiftlet house.
It has fewer component parts and has less chances of damage of parts, so it is more durable. On top that, there is also a fan inside for cooling purpose. If you are looking for an affordable, small-sized amplifier, this is it for you to purchase to accommodate your need.